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Knowing Your Viking Runes
over 1 year ago

It was known throughout history that the Vikings were known to be part of the earliest of conquerors and explorers within their native land. Although they may typically be perceived as savages or noble warriors, they are also known to have been avid enthusiasts of acquiring as much wisdom and knowledge that they could muster in their own favor. This leads to several written accounts by these individuals that would include that of the unique lettering that they had mastered called runes. Learn more about norse runes or get the best drinking horns.


So what exactly are these runes in the first place? For the most part, runes are ancient characters of the alphabet that were used by such folks as a means to communicate with one another whether in their own tribe or in battle at that. Plenty of historians out there find that rune letterings have their similarities to other ancient alphabets that have also been used within the continent of the said region.


If you break it down intricately, the word rune comes from two root terms derived from that of the old words being used by locals at that moment in time. There is ru and the word runa incorporate unto it. The former means secret in its vaguest of descriptions and the latter could be referred to as a whisper. If you study the history of runic letterings, then you would know that the Vikings were not the only ones to have been presumed to be the only users of such alphabet within their townsmen or locale.


So what exactly are the history of these runes? Well, according to ancient legend, runes serves as the fruit of the gods after they were able to acquire the knowledge that they need about the world, which extends to that of the very ideal of death and life as well. In this account, the god who had ventured on such a quest fasted for exactly nine days wherein after, he hung himself on a tree known to give out knowledge to their very own purpose in this world.


Taking that into account, the usage of runes have extended to a number of localities within the said regions of its roots. Some travelers in fact have stated that these runes are able to help them in their journey whenever they get lost or whenever they encounter an obstacle along the way. For warriors, runes are a guiding symbol for them to lead themselves towards victory against the opponent that they are facing. Continue reading more about runes here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Runes.

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